wisdom teeth says...: October 2006

Saturday, October 28, 2006

In the dressing room at the denver show. Trail are playing right now. The venue is a great old theatre called the Gothic Theatre. Beautiful murals on the walls. We played a short set (as we will for most of this tour) to a decent reception. Only one call for "Freebird".

We got stuck in New Mexico last night because I-25 was snowed in. Today we had a beautiful drive with snow all over the moutains. OK, kinda hard to write right now.

ASB, where are you? I'm sad. You'll have to wait 7 weeks for your birthday present now.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I've been trying to fit in some goodbye hang out time w/ friends before I leave. Last night I went to Danielle's and drank wine and watched Law & Order. Tonight I hung out with Tim and Sinclair while drinking some Tecate and playing some weird card game then dominoes.

Also, I'm trying to figure what I need/want to take on tour. What do you take with you when you're going to be living out of a suitcase for two months? I'm having a hard time figuring which jackets to take. I'm not much of a fashion maven, but I do have some nice jackets. I want to take them all. My brain is in slow motion. I know there's stuff I need to do that I'm forgetting. I'm sure this all sounds whiny in the "damn, I wish I had your problems" sense, but while I'm glad to get the chance to go, it's still gonna be difficult. I haven't been able to think/talk about much else for a week or so.

I'll try to make periodic updates when I get the chance. I think we're going to have a group blog set up by Courtney. I'll post a link when I know what it is.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wow. I'm in a pretty good mood today despite James getting me all riled up and pissed about band stuff last night (a long story best not played out on the interweb). I got my dvd burner to work on my computer and now I'm backing up all my music and photos in case everthing ever messes up again. This makes me happy. I got a nice Red Sox hat at Target for $3. That made me happy, too. My doctor was nice enough to refill my sleeping pill script for the tour which makes the prospect of actually getting some sleep while on the road a reality. Again with the happiness.

Reading an excellent book - The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross. This recommendation mainly goes out to Choo and ASB. Unfortunately, my copy is a borrowed one so I can't really lend it out.

Friday, October 13, 2006

There's a new thing going on with television shows this season. The major networks have started showing that week's episode of their show for free online. I've been watching Studio 60 (witty, but way too moralistic and know-it-all), 30 Rock (aka the other SNL show - only one episode so far and I really liked it - Alec Baldwin + Tracey Morgan = Crazy Delicious), Lost and Battlestar Galactica. I wish they'd show more than just the most recent one, but hell, I'll take what I can get. I like how everything is taking baby steps until the day when all our entertainment is stuffed into one box. Why not just go for it? Someone should offer the super high powered tv-computer-stereo-phone-food processor ASAP.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

tired. and bored. reading a lot. not doing the things I meant to do.

we played a show saturday. here's a picture.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Last night on PBS I accidentally caught a movie called Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party. It was apparently a big hit at last years SXSW Film Fest. It's a documentary where, basically, they follow Stephen Tobolowsky around all day while he tells stories. He's a charcter actor whose name I wouldn't ever have known but who I recognize from about a million movies and tv shows (Memento, Groundhog Day, the Grifters.) Apparently, he's reknowned in Hollywood for his storytelling at parties. So they followed him around on the day of his birthday party while he grills food, gets the house ready, and then at the party while he's just talking and talking. That's the whole movie. Him telling stories. Some are funny, some are sad, but I totally get why he's known for this. I suspect very few people could pull off 90 minutes of this but he does. It's not out on dvd yet but I recommend you queue it up and wait anxiously.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I thought I'd quote this in full...

"More on the Poker Ban

Late Friday night, the U.S. Senate passed a ban on Internet gambling. The ban now awaits President Bush's signature.

Sen. Bill Frist attached the ban to the port security bill at the last minute on Friday, conveniently allowing the ban to go forward without any debate. That also means any Senator who rightly believes that online poker is none of the government's business would also have to vote against a national security bill to vote against the ban -- making that Senator a ripe target for charges of being soft on terrorism.

The major gaming sites -- that is, the legitimate companies regulated by British law and traded on the London Stock Exchange -- announced over the weekend that they'll cease offering service to U.S. customers the moment President Bush signs the bill. What does that mean? Well, it means the shady, fly-by-night sites that aren't regulated or publicly traded will now thrive with U.S. customers. These gray and black-market sites are more prone to fraud, more likely to be involved in organized crime, and don't include the child-protection measures the major sites have implemented.

For all the talk from Sen. Frist, Sen. Kyl, and Rep. Goodlatte about the dangers of this "unregulated" industry, the bill they've just passed will actually put the well-regulated gambling sites out of reach of U.S. customers. The end result? Online poker and other gaming sites will soon be even less regulated, more likely to induce children, and more likely to defraud U.S. consumers than ever before. Meanwhile, one of the most addictive forms of gambling -- state lotteries -- will soon make an en masse move online, thanks to an exemption in the bill that effectively creates an online monopoly for them.

In short, in an intrusive, big government effort to protect Americans from themselves, Congress has passed a futile, hypocritical, counter-productive, protectionist piece of legislation that will make it more difficult for millions of Americans to engage in an activity most participate in responsibly and moderately. For those people, the bill will probably work. But it'll do little to prevent problem gambling, children's access to gaming sites, or online fraud.

One can't help but think that for Frist, none of that matters so long as the bill helps Republicans keep control of the Senate come November."