wisdom teeth says...: November 2002

Sunday, November 24, 2002

I've been way slow on the updates. I'm trying to ween myself off the computer. Checking email every other day instead of, you know, hourly.

Went to Le Privelege last night for 80's metal night. There was a surprisingly small amount of rock actually played, though. I guess the irony wears thin pretty quick for those types. I did get to hear Over The Moutain which is one of my fave Ozzy songs. I got drunk and pissy and left Joe there. He had to walk home but got asked out so I don't feel so bad.

I'm reading Shakey which is a Neil Young biography. Its pretty decent except for the fact that author seems to think that the real story there is his own epic struggle to write the book. I really can't stand it when bio writers do that. I don't want the behind the scenes account of his having written the book but rather the actual meat of the story. Brief tidbit I didn't know about. Neil Young and Rick James were in a teenage band together in the early '60's in Canada.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

What secrets has this week held for me? The public library and Lovejoy's. Yeah!

Monday, November 11, 2002

My b-day was nice. Went Emo's to see Stereo Total. Had a few drinks. Thanks to everyone for the nice birthday wishes. Saturday we went to the punk rock party (so many mohawks, so little time) but didn't stay long at all. We sat on the curb out front for a bit drinking out of our paper bags and then went to Barfly's. $1.50 Lone Stars. Yummy. Great jukebox. My picks were something like this - Afghan Whigs, Van Halen, Thin Lizzy and something that I can't remember.

Sunday I sat around playing the Playstation2 that my folks got me for turning 28. There's something really sad about that sentence.

Sunday, November 03, 2002

I'm a bit slow with the updates. So sue me.

My Halloween was uneventful. Went to see Jackass. It was gloriously funny and icky.

Day after halloween was pretty good though. I threw together a bloody surgeon costume and went out to Courtney and Matt's halloween/housewarming party. It was good. I like parties where almost everyone is in costume. I stayed out there for a while indulging in orange jello shots and then had to rush back to town to see the last Ultimate Dragons show. I needn't have rushed since they played hours later than they were supposed to but it was worth the wait. There's nothing like super crowded house shows. It was so tight that I couldn't have fallen over if I wanted to. Everyone rocked, swayed, shouted and pumped their fists in the air. It was the rock-n-roll event of the season. Best time I've had in forever. The rest of the party wasn't very good but dammit that part was fun.