wisdom teeth says...: December 2006

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

hey. I posted some photographs up at the b+s blog .

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Got home late late Friday night after three straight 12-15 hours days in the van back from Seattle. 2300 miles? Something like that. I still don't have any perspective on the tour. I'm going to wait a bit before I decide what I thought of it.

Monday, December 04, 2006

We pulled into my exciting hometown of Sacramento last night. I'm not sure exactly why, perhaps more than a bit of miscommunication, we spent our evening off here instead of San Francisco (my choice) or LA (some other's choice). It was fine, though. Played a bit of poker last night with Mark, Donovan, Jason, Danny, Greg and Sean until some random hotel neighbors (who were in town for the, uh, Primus show down the street) crashed the game. Boy, did they suck. Apparently after I left, the chick lost her purse, freaked out and threatened to call the cops. Dunno what happened after that.

OK, so today we're playing here in Sacramento then leaving super-early so we can have a bit of time in SF before the show. We're leaving for Portland right after we play because of the super-long drive. Certain parts of this tour weren't planned so great so we had a day off with a 5 hour drive (yesterday) and no day off with an 11 hour drive (SF to Portland).

The shows in LA were pretty good. Saw some nice friends and hung out a in Hollywood for a day. The guy from TV on the Radio was around backstage. The Henry Fonda Theatre is pretty great. It's a huge old theatre with a booming sound.

We're getting to see the end of the tunnel on this death march. Just about two weeks before we get home. I'm looking forward to seeing more friends up in Portland and Seattle, then again back in Salt Lake and Denver/Boulder. I'd post some pics but my camera died.