wisdom teeth says...: November 2003

Friday, November 28, 2003

I have a good reason for not writing anything here for the past few weeks. The computer wasn't in working order. Now it is.

It has been an interesting november. My birthday night was ok but I got drunk and then got all sad about turning 29 (meaning almost 30). The next weekend we had a party at our place for hope joe and my birthdays and it was a blast. Much fun was had by all. The line I've been telling everyone is that it was big enough to be fun but not so big that I went all anxiety-ridden-crazy. I got drunk, hung out, danced and everyone (except those shifty perkins girls) left at 3:30. Not even much clean up the next day.

Since then, I dunno - its kinda blurry. I have decided over the past few months that I'm done waiting around for things to happen. I'm going to get out and take chances even if it has to mean that I drive home smashed every night. I've been in such a boring and bored and scared place for the past couple of years that its gotten pretty ridiculous. I've met tons of new and great people over the past few years but have kept them at arms length which combined with losing touch with old friends has meant a lot of alone time (which everyone needs but, really, there are limits).

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

okok so halloween was last friday. It was a good time. I was a cowboy. I still have my hat and sometimes find myself walking around the house wearing it. I think maybe I have a case of real-texan envy cause while I've lived in texas for a good 25-26 years, I wasn't born here. Its to my eternal shame that I was brought into this world in california. at least it was northern california - sacramento.

Yesterday I bought a Mission of Burma record. Rock!

Speaking of my being born. This sat is my 29th bday. Buy me drinks, damn you!