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Monday, January 14, 2008

Dear Internets,

This morning I woke up at 7:30am and went running. For 15 minutes. Which may not sound like very long but is in reality 15 minutes more running than I've done in close to 20 years. Or maybe more like 18. It was cold.

Now I'm puttering around on the computer while the plumber fixes the undersides of my kitchen sink. It was pretty messed up. I poked a hole in the pipe with my finger.

I feel like I was pretty productive this weekend despite the endless hours of football watching. I went frame-crazy as they were 1/2 price at HobLob. I now have some nicely framed old flyers and posters and college-era intaglio and lithograph prints. I also cut up an old Beatles calender and put some of the pics into a multi-pic frame. Hmm, I also put together a big, new bookshelf. For the first time in a long while all my books have a home besides large piles on the floor.

All the football watching made me rather anti-social on Sat/Sun but Friday night Dan, Choo, JLowe and Staci came over and we had a Wii party. Staci was definitely the n00b wii-nner. I wish I had gotten my camera out.


Blogger clmorgan said...

I like hanging up pictures because it makes me feel like I've actually moved in.

Good job on the running! Make sure you have good shoes--I just bought a pair after running on my old ones for nearly two years and magically my knee and ankle pain went away, ha ha I'm stupid.

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