wisdom teeth says...: November 2006

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Home for a few brief days but not really getting any rest. I'm having trouble sleeping in my own bed (or maybe it's that I'm trying to sleep without any doctor prescribed aides). My brain is kinda fried. I have that weird tour disconnect. We leave in the morning for the second half of the tour. Hopefully we'll get some sunshine for the first week or two before descending into the canadian winter. Ummm. Ok.

Friday, November 17, 2006

In Macon, Georgia a but outside of Atlanta. Long drive to Orlando today. The tour is wearing us all down. Instead of being a nice break.diversion, New York City seemed to make everyone in a worse mood. I, myself, had a great time while there. I was running around with Laura getting into trouble most of time I was there. Not much to say, really. The daily grind of a difficult routine is pretty hard. There are fun moments but they've been scarce lately. Much of the problem lies in the timetable on this tour. We're playing first of four bands on this tour which means we play for 30 mins somewhere between 7pm and 8pm. OK, so we have to be there by 6pm at the latest everyday and if we're that late it usually means we load the equipment in and pretty much play right away. That's very stressful. Most drives have been 4-7 hours and it sounds reasonable enough to get there by 6pm everyday, right? Except that we don't usually get to leave the venue til 2am. Then drive around to find a motel at 3am. Then everyone forces themselves to sleep. Then we wake up, try to decide if have time to eat before hitting the road (we usually don't). Then we repeat it all over again. There's very little time in each city to do anything that is not in the club or the motel. Right now, it's 9:30 and we need to be on the road by 10:30 to make to Orlando for a 6pm doors time but everyone is still asleep. Fun. I know I'm being whiny about all this. I get a lot of "How lucky you are to be on this tour!" and I am lucky to be on this tour but the reality of is not nearly as fun as the fantasy. It is a job, make no mistake, But, like most jobs, I'm having fun when I can and am making friends. Mark, the drummer from the Blood Brothers, is super cool and is really the only one of those guys that ever hangs out. Everyone in the Celebration is awesome (as is the band - they're the highlight every night). The Trail boys are always good buddies and I love to see them every day, OK, well, I suppose I'll see a few of you guys when I get home for a day or two next week and maybe the rest whenever (ASB - we're playing Boulder in Dec).

Friday, November 03, 2006

Hey! We're in Columbus, Ohio. I'm tired as all get out but things are fun. The tour is going as well as expected. We're facing a lot of 19 year old Blood Brothers fans who stare at us stone-faced with crossed arms but there are also a lot of positive repsonses. I did overhear some this evening say "the opening band was atrocious." Ouch! Of well. He had on a white belt. There must be some interesting stories to tell from this tour but I'll be damned if I can tell them. This place we're playing to night, the Newport Music Hall has been around since 1970 in one form or another. Amazing people have played on this stage - Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, KISS, AC/DC, uh, BTO. But for reals, it's an amazing historic place and I feel honored to have played here. See you soon!

Courtney (the newest sister) has started a tour blog. You can check it out here - http://brothersandsistersforever.blogspot.com/