wisdom teeth says...: January 2004

Friday, January 30, 2004

This is a some damn funny shit. Read it. But not outloud or the people sitting around you at work will think you're weirder than they already do.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Wow, I'm a junior in high school again. I'm sitting here listening to the first green day album and all of a sudden is 1991 (maybe 92). I can still sing along to everything even though its been at least 6 or 7 years since I heard this. This may have been the beginning of my compulsion to listen to sappy rock - it morphed into superchunk and sebadoh shortly after this. Fuck it, though, I dig the shit.

So I've been back at work for a couple of days starting yesterday (wed). Its been ok so far. Not much going on. Classes/training and settling in. I'm just really damn tired all the time. I'm looking forward to having some rupees lining my pockets soon, though. I made the mistake of going out on the night before I had to be there for the first time but I figured what the hell, its not like I'd sleep well that night anyway. I had one of those morning where I'd have been really hung over if I wasn't still a bit drunk. Needless to say, I survived.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

AHHHrg. Work is coming too soon. I know I said that I was ready but I was super broke right then. I hate staring at papers and computers and fat office slugs all day. All I want is what everyone wants, to be fufilled doing a something that I love while getting paid. Sometimes I think of being one of those for-hire muscians. Hell, I'd play in some hack singer-songwriter's band if he'd pay me. Is that worse than working for the govt? I don't think so. But health insurance is nice. Speaking of which - I have a toothache - but no dental insurance! I have prettty good/cheap regular health insurance but no dental. I still owe castle dental $600 from two years ago. Fuck em. They can get in line if they really wanna get paid.

Girls are odd creatures. I still can't read 'em after 29 years being around them. Sadly, though, on occasion I CAN read them after the fact when the chance is gone. I'm trying to learn to recognize at least the most obvious stuff. Maybe I could be more obvious. The problem is, in my head I'm as obvious as one can be. Why can't they read my mind? What's wrong with them?

I only left the house once today - to go next door and buy a drink. Talk about a hermit. If I had something to do, I'd do it. Every once in a while I think about sitting at a coffee shop and reading instead of sitting at home and reading. But, really, a coffee shop? I hate those places. Especially around here. Ug. College kids make my skin crawl (god forbid grad students).

Thursday, January 15, 2004

First things first. I decided to revise my top album to Truly She is None Other by Holly Golightly. Just so you know.

It has occurred to me recently that I will be back at work soon. Like Jan 28 soon. I'm more than ready. I am broke and bored. Today I took my change to HEB and it turned out I had $29 mostly in pennies. Now I can pay the minimums on my credit card bills.

So what's been going on? I've been out and about as much as I can which is why I'm poor. It was well worth it. I feel like I am slowly but surely developing the social skills that I should have figured out in high school and college. It seems like I've been getting my dance on a lot lately. Whether or not that is a good thing I leave to those of you who had to watch me. I'm enjoying it anyway.

One other thing. I have recently become what I think most other guys (excluding our gay friends who have an equivalent affliction) are all the time - girl crazy. Its all I've been thinking about - a couple in particular but that's another story. And it not just sex, either, although that's a part of it. I have such a huge desire to get all domestic these days. I love that shit.

Monday, January 05, 2004

OK, so some top of 2004 lists might be in order.

top movie: Lost in Translation

top album: No Silver/No Gold by Baptist Generals

top single: Hey Ya by Outkast (like there was ever a doubt - though Crazy in Love is a perfectly respectable runner-up)

top new cartoon: Home Movies

top old cartoon: Family Guy

top rock show: Rocket From the Tombs reunion show

top celebrity run-in: Slash at SXSW

top new tv show: Carnivale + Nip/Tuck tie

top actor to join an already beloved show: Chris Eigeman on Gilmore Girls

top new girlfriend who doesn't know it yet: Scarlett Johanssen

top second album let down: the Shins and Ted Leo/Pharmacists

any other categories that should be addressed? email em to me and I'll pass down my god-like judgement.

I should know by now that the best times are had when you aren't expecting to have them. I had a great evening last night rocking at beerland and dancing at the caucus.

I seem to be amazingly inarticulate these days. That's why I haven't written much on here lately.

Saturday was good, too. Free show at emo's and then to a late party. I spent most of the party chatting with Nadia but trying to keep an eye on Farah as she was pretty drunk and didn't know many people there. Curse my good natured protectiveness!

Sunday, January 04, 2004

So much for those new year's resolutions. I knew it was a mistake to try. I'm tired.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year everyone. Here's hoping 2004 will be a good year. 2003 was an odd year for me - very schizophrenic - the good parts were good and the bad were almost as bad as I have seen. I have only two broad resolutions for the new year - drink less, save more. I think the two go hand in hand anyway.