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Friday, November 30, 2007

OK, so in less than a week I will officially be a homeowner. I'm closing on thursday next week. From there on out expect nothing but discussions of home improvements and such cause my house sure does need a lot of improving. I've set up a vague plan, though. Since I will own the house next week but don't have to be out of my old place til january, I will dedicate my weekends to making my new place a crazy thing called inhabitable. I will do things like call a plumber to get the hot water heater running. Also, I will re-attach the soap dish in the bathtub. I will clear leaves off of, well, everywhere. I will replace the window sills that have rotted away due to water damage and termites. I will make sure the stove isn't leaking gas into the house. I will take up Bridget on her kind offer to loan/give me her old CO meter to put next to the 40+ year old wall furnace in my hallway that is the only heat source for the house (until I buy a few space heaters, anyhow). Then after I move in, I can worry about things like paint and, well, paint.


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