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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My four-day weekend was nice and relaxing. I pretty much didn't do anything worth anything the whole time. Except for Friday morning when my head exploded. It was just a sad confluence of events that morning which I'd taken off of work in order to nurse my hangover that I never got. It was just too much too fast that morning - (1) my car died at the grocery store which meant I had to walk home carrying multiple bags of foodstuffs, (2) I was trying to make an offer on a house and somehow I hadn't realized that, um, you need to have money on hand to do this - not in some online savings account that, while does pay 4.5% interest, takes 4-5 days to transfer funds, (3) I had to walk back to the store to meet the tow truck, and (4) target didn't have any fans - I mean, none - my room is the attic and it gets stuffy (my old fan died last week). All of this worked out fine since my car only need a new battery cable, the house I want is already under contract, and ,well, the fan thing has yet to be rectified.
I don't recall much of the rest of the weekend. I went to see the Evens on Sunday. That was ok, I guess.


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