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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Boy, people sure aren't doing much in the way of blogging these days. It really seems to have tapered off. For myself, I think its that the novelty of it has worn off and also that I'm a bit more picky about what I write. I mean, who really wants to read about me sitting on my ass all weekend only to go pick up a couple of used books.

Having said that, I didn't do much this weekend - mostly just sat on my ass reading a used copy of a great Robert Penn Warren biography. Loren and Liz were in town on the tail end of a road trip to (inexplicably) Nebraska and S. Dakota and we went out to some party saturday night and had a great time. They (the party throwers) had a bowl of rum-soaked cherries out for everyone. We took a bunch of what I'm sure will turn out to be truly scary pictures.

Last night, for dinner, I had a Casino Burger. MMMmmmmm.


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